Frequently asked question|| Physic class 12

Heat and Thermodynamics Define first law of thermodynamics with its limitations Adiabatic and isothermal condiations of thermodynamics Wave and Optics Define wave motion. Derive the progressive wave equations in a medium. Starting with the definition of stationary waves, prove that the distance between any two consecutive nodes or antinodes in a stationary wave is λ2. Write … Read more

Polarization Meaning in Physics| Polarization of light

Polarization in physics? Polarization is the attribute that wave oscillations have a definite direction relative to the direction of propagation of the wave. EM waves are transverse waves that may be polarized. The direction of polarization is defined to be the direction parallel to the electric field of the EM wave. Which is the best definition … Read more

The electron chapter of modern physic of class 12

Chapter : ElectronChapter Outline➢Introduction➢Fundamental Properties of an Electron➢Motion of Electron Beam in Electric and Magnetic Fields➢Determination of Charge of an Electron by Millikan’s OilDrop Experiment➢Determination of Specific Charge (e/m) of an Electron byJ.J. Thomson Experiment Electron Introduction: The electron is a subatomic particle that carries a negative electric charge. It is not known about its … Read more